How to make money with minimal risk on cryptocurrency

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The cryptocurrency market has recently seen waves of volatility, many literally swinging on a swing – from falling to rising and vice versa.

This situation plays into the hands of those who profit from the volatility of the market and to the liking of intraday traders. But conservative investors have to look for reliable ways to invest in cryptoassets. We offer three risk-free ways to help you make a profit in the cryptocurrency market.

No. 1 Interest from P2P lending

The first way is to make money on p2p lending by earning interest and lending to the borrower. The amount of profit may depend on the cryptocurrency that is lent and the platform where the lending takes place. Cryptocurrency is given at an interest rate of 5 to 10%.

Cryptocurrency lending is now considered an excellent investment option with minimal risks. Many lending platforms provide a number of security measures that guarantee a return on investment with interest.

# 2 Contests of traders

You can profit from cryptocurrency trading using the capabilities of modern exchanges. The demo trading function provides an opportunity for traders of all levels to receive professional training, improve their level, testing strategies without risk. Thanks to this, novice traders can gain experience and good preparation for working in real life. The exchanges also run contests for traders that enable participants to win real money.

# 3 Cryptocurrency staking

The cryptocurrency staking function has recently become widely available for cryptocurrency holders. It is listed on several major exchange platforms.

The popularity is due to profitability, because many cryptocurrencies offer more than 5% of annual income with almost no risks. The essence of the process is simple – by placing bets, cryptocurrency holders receive a share of block rewards generated as part of the verification process.

The cryptocurrencies available today have different yield sizes. Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate the previously assumed level of profitability against the change in the base cryptocurrency. This will ensure that losses in price dynamics are offset by rewards.

The Staking Rewards platform will help you make a choice, where most of the popular cryptocurrencies are presented, there is also a proof of participation stake, the expected reward, there is a calculator for assessing potential rewards for a bet.

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