Bitcoin presence in all investment portfolios

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According to the head of the Shapeshift cryptocurrency exchange, Eric Voorhees, since Bitcoin has shown its best side, it deserves to be present in investment portfolios of at least 1%.

Today experts talk about MTC as one of the most valuable assets in history. It took Bitcoin twelve years to overcome its competitors and show excellent performance compared to other commodities and stocks.

According to the publication BeInCrypto, in the 2010s. cryptocurrency was ahead of all other assets. And now it becomes clear that the share of bitcoin in investment portfolios should be at least 1%.

Shapeshift CEO Eric Voorhees also speaks about this, who believes that since BTC is the market leader, it is high time for all leading portfolio managers to pay attention to it.

But the suspicion of the investment community still remains, and BTS is still in the position of a risky asset that has the right to a non-permanent presence in the portfolio. Although bitcoin has repeatedly proved its stability, and showed an upward trajectory, which speaks of excellent prospects. Therefore, portwele bitcoin has the right to be.

The panelists told Voorhees that they had a hard time convincing portfolio professionals that Bitcoin has a lot of merits. Many people do not consider cryptocurrency as a store of value, considering it too risky to have the courage to contact it. Despite the compensation by the annual return of the portfolio for the most part or allocated shares in the portfolio in the event of a decrease to zero.

When will Bitcoin be able to win the trust of portfolio managers? It is likely that the situation will change after reaching the next record high. If we take into account the level of profitability of the BTC over a twelve-year period, then the coin has the right to settle in investment portfolios, at least at the level of 1%. It is possible that after the cryptocurrency reaches the $ 20,000 mark, it will be able to attract the attention of portfolio managers and bitcoin will take its place in their portfolios.

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