Bitcoin fell to $ 9300 in 5 minutes

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In just a few minutes, bitcoin plummeted from $ 10,160 to $ 9,300, or 9%. According to the resource in CoinMarketCap on June 2, 2020, the bitcoin rate was $ 9514. BitMEX cryptocurrency exchange had the lowest rate of $ 8,600. But it only lasted 5 minutes and the price climbed to $ 9450.

The BitMEX cryptocurrency exchange is known for its active trading. According to the head of BitMEX Arthur Hayes in April 2020, there is a high probability that Bitcoin will hit the bottom of $ 3000, and only then can we expect a long-term outlook.

But, if for some, the fall in cryptocurrency is bad, then others successfully make money on changes in the cryptocurrency market. And for this, there are three ways to protect your cryptocurrency portfolio during market volatility.

And even if the bitcoin rate is fixed on many exchanges at the level of $ 9100, there is a risk of a collapse to $ 8600.

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